Birds in Barrhead

1 day · Linaria, Alberta

Rouen Ducks

$10 each 7 Rouen ducks for sale. Parents are 3 years old. Excellent breeders. Mom will hatch two hatches per year. Somewhere down the bloodline there is Peeking duck The 5...
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2 weeks · Barrhead

Chicken Coops

$$250 Double backyard chicken coops with a connecting run. Used one season. Good for about 5-6 chickens. $250 (less than half price)
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4 weeks · Neerlandia

Heritage Breed hens

$20.00 Mix of different heritage breeds of hens suitable for backyard production. Vaccinated and beak trimmed, $20 each.
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2 months · Neerlandia

Bird cage

$$10 Cage for small bird with accessories
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2 months · Barrhead

Male ducks

Male ducks needing new pond backyard mix
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