New FAE Group SSM - SSM/HP Forestry Tiller for sale in Barrhead, Alberta

Forestry tiller for tractors between 150 and 300 HP with a max grinding diameter of 50 cm/16".
This Heavy Duty tiller is designed and built to be used with medium to high power tractors.
The "HP version" is equipped with a reinforced transmission and can grind stumps up to 50 cm/20"
in diameter to a depths of 40 cm/16", for excellent depth soil reclamation.
The soil is thus ready for planting without further processing.
Multiple tooth options available for different environments.
The standard equipment includes:
friction clutch on side PTO
PTO shaft with cam clutch
gearbox with freewheel
transmission with side gearbox
hydraulic hood
welded steel counter-blades
flat pressed welded steel protection counter-blades
enclosed machine body
centralized greasing hub
hydraulic top link
Z style self ranging system of the PTO drive shaft/gearbox
inside lateral protections
bigger transmission for tractors up to 360-400 HP (SSM/HP 200, 225 and 250)
protection chains
Available on demand: W style self aligning device between PTO drive shaft/gearbox, dozing blade (not compatible with roller), hydraulic controlled roller (not compatible with dozing blade), multiple tooth options.
Please for more info check:
Phone: 780 674 2888