New Farm King Auger for sale in Barrhead, Alberta

Product Overview:
Farm King has been manufacturing backsaver augers for more than four decades. The same principles used back then still apply today when choosing materials that go into every auger, grade A steel and functional design. Models range in lengths of 50 to 104 feet accompanied by 10, 13 and 16-inch tube sizes. A patented bridge –like support system allows the auger tubing and flighting to remain stable at all times including raising and lower of the auger. The hydraulic scissor lift resurrects the auger in virtually no time at all. When the spout is in the desired location, a safety hydraulic ball valve can be adjusted to ensure the augers stays when and where you want even in unpredictable weather. The recommended horsepower for peak operation ranges from 40-175 depending on auger size.

Hopper Mover
The hydraulic hopper mover option adds a powerful hydraulic motor to each of the inside wheels on the swing away hopper so the hopper can be positioned easily and with minimal effort. The control lever for the mover is mounted on the intake auger tube for easy access. (standard on the 16")

Hydraulic Winch:
A hydraulic winch is available to easily lift the hopper into place for transport. The lever and hydraulic valve are mounted to the main auger tube for easy access. (standard on the 16")

Remote Swing-Auger Kits:
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