Forestry Mulcher UMM/DT

Forestry mulcher with fixed teeth rotor for tractors between 140 and 240 HP.
Professional mulcher with rotor fixed tools that can shred plants up to 30 cm / 12'' in diameter with tractors of medium power. The compact size and light weight ensure easy maneuverability during the shredding operations even in extreme and difficult situations like working on the slopes.
The renewed version features a more robust chassis/body frame with the integration of protected cylinders and hydraulic links, counter blades/ interchangeable externally bolted inner plates for easy maintenance and replacement, centralized greasing hub, guard frame with raker teeth and push frame with raker teeth.
The standard equipment includes:
PTO shaft with cam clutch
gearbox with freewheel
transmission with belts in XPB
hydraulic hood
forged and hardened interchangeable counter-blades
interchangeable inner antiwear plates in Hardox®
adjustable skids
enclosed machine body
centralized greasing hub
hydraulic top link
Z style self-ranging system of the PTO drive shaft/gearbox
hydraulic hoses integrated into the frame
cylinder protection
dual row protection chains
Available on demand: third row of interchangeable forged and hardened counter-blades, W style self-aligning device between PTO drive shaft/gearbox, mechanical push frame, hydraulic push frame, extra ripper for push frame, special skids to go underground, multiple tooth options.
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