Combine Versatile RT520

The new Versatile RT520 combine still features the unique rotating concave rotary system known for producing one of the cleanest samples in the industry. With more power for 2018, the RT520 also features a much larger cab and improved operator environment with a simple and ergonomic control console. For 2018, the RT520 receives a bump in horsepower and a new Tier 4 final QSG Cummins engine, offering power and efficiency. Other new features include an LED lighting package with more than twice the illumination of previous models.
Why this combine?
Unique, Rotating Concave Rotary, (RCR) threshing system
Unique shaker system in the grain hopper
Minimum grain losses
Simple adjustment and logical control of threshing process
Easy service and maintenance
Cost effective combine (price + performance + reliability)
Financing and Leasing
Lease prices for just the combine, based on 300 separator hours per year for a 4-year lease is
2012 unit $20,000.00 a year
2014 unit $30,000.00 a year
2015 unit $35,000.00 a year
2017 unit $40,000.00 a year
2018 unit $55,000.00 a year
These prices you can calculate back to cost per separator hour.
2012 unit -> $67,- / separator hour
2014 unit -> $100,- / separator hour
2015 unit -> $117,- / separator hour
2017 unit -> $134,- / separator hour
2018 unit -> $184,- / separator hour
This 4 year lease comes with 3 year factory warranty on approved lease only.
Please for more info check:
Phone: 780 674 2888