Neeralta Grain Bagger

Neeralta Grain Bagger,

PRE-BOOKING FOR 2020 season.

There are many advantages to this unique and flexible approach to grain storage and handling. As an industry leader in grain bagging, Neeralta explores the advantages of this process and the areas in which you may benefit from the practice.
* Rented land.
* Not enough permanent storage.
* Current market price.
* Additional storage for bumper crops.
* Ability to harvest higher moisture crops.
* Hydraulic telescoping swing auger
* 20" Main auger
* 30,000 Bu/hr hopper capacity
* Bag diameter: 10'. See our website for details on the 12' bagger.
* Dual wheels are now standard. Optional wide duals are also available.
* Hydraulic disc brakes
* Hydraulic lift for easy grain bag installation.
* Hydraulic bag pan.
* Hydraulic bag tray for easily moving the bottom portion of the bag into position.

Made in Canada.

Bagger Rental Program available in limited quantity for 2020 season.

Buy your grain bags and bagger together and you could qualify for free delivery. Contact us today for more details.





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