About Us

What is TownPost?

TownPost provides free online classifieds for Albertans and delivers those ads to our subscribers via e-mail, Facebook, and most importantly our website.

What makes us different?

What makes our service awesome is that we automatically notify people in your area when you post an ad. We interact with people on social media and provide fantastic customer service. Every ad is screened by a real person to ensure it meets our quality guidelines and terms of service.

When did TownPost Launch?

The TownPost project first began in late 2009 as a simple community website. In the years following we have expanded to over 20 communities across Alberta.

How does TownPost make money?

This is the most frequently asked question. The short answer is that we are supported by our Sponsors through advertising. This allows us to generate enough revenue to basically break even and continue to grow steadily.

We love getting feedback!

If you believe your community could benefit from a website like this, have a question about or service, or for media inquiries please feel free to contact us.